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Tom Yum Goong

by on Nov.03, 2005, under Movies

Tony Jaa. I love him from his Ong Bak.

This is another movie by him. I see a few familar faces in this movie. Compared to Ong Bak, Tom Yum Goong(TYG) is much more funny and more bone breaking actions. I wonder how many bones are broken while filming this show. This movie is good enough to keep my darling summer awake throughout. )

Compared to Ong Bak, TYG’s fighting actions are more rigid. I think I see more creative fanciful moves in Ong Bak than in TYG. Nevertheless, I enjoyed every fighting scene in this movie, especially the fight with a fighter whose moves resemble a lot like break dance. I have see a clip on this art of fighting on tv before but I cannot remember the name. This is the coolest fight in the whole movie in my opinion.

As a whole, I think TYG is enjoyable and entertaining, minus the excessive bone breaking fight towards the end. Worthy of the time taken off from studies. I need to work harder tomorrow for my time lost today )

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