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Direction idiot

by on Nov.14, 2005, under General

Wanted to have some relaxation time with darling today and we headed for West Coast Park. And I actually got lost while following a sign there…. How idiotic…. But then I must say that I am lucky and managed to get to the park after a few more turns )

I was not so lucky three days ago. We are supposed to meet at Suntec and I’ve decided to drive there. Wrong choice. That jam started on AYE at Jurong East. Traffic was crawling all the way and I took a wrong turn and headed for CTE.

Oh no!
I exited at Tiong Bahru and took? on a blind drive , hoping to look for a sign to head towards the city. It took like 20 minutes of silly driving before I came to a sign that says city.

The way to city is not a smooth one either. Traffic was jammed all over. My patience was draining away while my bladder was building its strong presence. Finally I saw a familiar road towards Suntec but the traffic wa really heavy. It took me almost one hour to get near Suntec.

Finally, I saw a carpark. It is Milinia Walk. I just drive in and stop the lorry and headed for the nearest toilet. The bladder was so full I could not even run (

That was the best timing. 2 hours advanture drive in Singapore to town (
I really need to brush up my directions learning skills….

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