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Get better speed with your neighbour

by on Apr.29, 2006, under Technology

Some university has come up with this idea – to share your unused bandwith with your neighbour to maximise your own downloads.

"… analyzes local airwaves and exploits unused bandwidth from one network to complement ones experiencing heavy usage, but always gives users priority access to their own signal…."  

I think this will be good for occasional downloaders. It will be good to have neighbours on different ISPs to maximise the downloads… 

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Adding favicon to WordPress

by on Apr.27, 2006, under Howtos

I just found out that icon beside the url at the browser address bar is called a ‘favicon’. (continue reading…)

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Nice Themes

by on Apr.25, 2006, under Technology, Wordpress

Currently, I am using dusk, a theme by Beccary. I think it is a beautiful theme and has widget support. 🙂 I just found out there is another site with a whole array of themes and templates. I shall look for more nice themes. 🙂 I really appreciate the labels for widget support. Now that I have tasted widgets, I will never go back to a theme without support for it again. 🙂

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A painless way to trim your waistline

by on Apr.24, 2006, under General

Here is a video that shows you how. It is in Japanese but I can make out what the general idea is about…
The idea is to just keep the 2 toes together and lie down for 5 minutes. Repeat daily for 2 weeks/months. One of the volunteers removed 9cm from her waistline. This is easy… I should do it too 🙂

Here is one more way to lose the love handles. This is a more painful way. Do not think I will try it.

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A way to cut Firefox memory usage

by on Apr.23, 2006, under Software, Technology, Web

Now I can cut memory usage on my beloved firefox on demand! The way to do it is simple. All I need to do is to minimise my FF window, then I restore it again. This is exactly what I am always doing when I work on my computer. So this is really painless for me. However there is a step that is needed to be done before the magic trick mentioned above can work. (continue reading…)

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Newest MSN Messenger virus

by on Apr.22, 2006, under General

This is a new virus that nudges the victim about 10 times, then the attacker will go offline. After a few minutes, the attacker will go online and nudge again.

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