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DD-WRT on Asus WL520GU

by on Jun.20, 2009, under Technology, Web

My linksys WRT54GC failed me after 4 good years and after much research and ponder, I finally got myself the Asus WL520GU wireless router for $85. It comes with a usb connector for printer server. The interface of original firmware( version for this router is better than that in Linksys. I like the QoS function of this router. Best of all, the firmware can be flashed with more functionality!

After deliberating for a week, I finally decided to give it a go and flash the router with a open source firmware and risking breaking the brand new router. All is good. Now I have better functionality and Network Attached Storage(NAS) capability with the router.  I have yet to test the ftp with the NAS. I do not have much use for this function yet but the ability to have this thrills me nonetheless. Somehow, I can feel the speedier connection on the new firmware already.

Below are the steps that I have taken to flash and upgrade my router.

  1. Set the router’s ip as
  2. Set static ip for your computer as, mask and connect to the router via lan port 1
  3. Download the NEWD_mini_asus.trx and the NEWD_mini_usb_ftp.bin files from here
  4. Flash the firmware: Pull the power of the router while pushing the reset button. Release when the power button is flashing
  5. Use the Asus firmware restore tool and upload the NEWD_mini_asus.trx file
  6. After the flash is successful, log in to the router via telnet: root/admin
  7. Type the following commands to reset the user settings: erase nvram then reboot
  8. Open up the browser and surf to
  9. A password page will come up, just skip and go Administration tab, then choose Firmware upgrade
  10. Now upload the NEWD_mini_usb_ftp.bin file for the real thing.
  11. Wait for the upload to complete before returning to
  12. Save a new username and password. The new router is ready to fly
New function: FTP

New function: FTP

For more info: look here and here

See here for Multiple SSID for concurrent WEP and WPA2 wireless network

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