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Gmail auto clean up

by on Nov.20, 2015, under Howtos, Technology

I have never delete any email in Gmail before I finally get a storage low notification. Began to research and found a great link on how to get it done.  (continue reading…)

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Enable middle scroll in Ubuntu Firefox

by on Jan.18, 2009, under Howtos

I have this issue with Ubuntu Firefox: I am not able to use the middle click on my mouse for scrolling. (continue reading…)

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Shoot your tv

by on Nov.18, 2006, under Gaming, Howtos, Technology

When I was young, there was a famous video game. You are a hunter and you shoot ducks with a gun.

I have always wondered how it works. I finally find out today, after more than 15 years.

“Here’s what happens. You shoot at a duck, which appears on an ordinary TV screen. The gun is connected to the game console; pressing the trigger blackens the screen, then causes a duck-shaped white target to appear momentarily. If your aim is true, a photo sensor in the gun detects the shift from dark to light, and bingo–dead duck. In short, the TV emits the light pulse and the gun detects it, not the other way around.” – Source

This is very fascinatin. I great fact to know.

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Adding human readable Google sitemap

by on Jun.02, 2006, under Howtos, Technology, Wordpress

This aims to describe the steps in getting a human readable Google sitemap into the WordPress blogging system. (continue reading…)

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Adding favicon to WordPress

by on Apr.27, 2006, under Howtos

I just found out that icon beside the url at the browser address bar is called a ‘favicon’. (continue reading…)

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